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The study concluded that the onshore niger delta is characterized by a typical prograding delta architecture with a shallowingup pattern in which a series of strata consistently showed evidence of the younger beds being deposited in shallower water than the older beds they overlay. The coastal sedimentary basin of nigeria has been the scene of three depositional cycles. Reconstruction of the subsurface depositional history of. Each country within the basin has unique geographic settings and a wide. The niger delta is situated in the gulf of guinea and extends throughout the niger delta province. In the paleocene, a major transgression referred to as the sokoto transgression reijers et al. Facilities design, construction and operation offshore facilities and subsea systems 0. Stratigraphy and sedimentology of the niger delta geologos. The cretaceous section has not been penetrated beneath the niger delta basin, the youngest and southernmost sub basin in the benueabakaliki trough reijers and others, 1997. Department of geology, university of port harcourt, nigeria abstract.

This was aimed at increasing the resolution for prediction of reservoir, seal, and source rocks in the eastern part. The basin is deformed by large synsedimentaty faults, roll. As a sedimentary basin, the niger delta en compasses a region that is much larger than the geographical extent of the modern delta constructed by the nigerbenue drainage systems. The niger delta is framed on the northwest by a subsurface continuation of the west african shield, the benin flank. The niger basin is the largest river basin of western africa. However, the sedimentary successions in these basins are broadly divisible into. Detailed studies on depositional sequence, genetic facies, and depositional environment were done using sequence stratigraphic tool in the paralic sequence of middle to late miocene age in the coastal swamp depobelt of the niger delta basin. Geological evaluation of hydrocarbon prospect of fobfield.

Application of seismic stratigraphy and structural analysis in the determination of petroleum plays within the eastern niger delta basin, nigeria, journal of petroleum exploration and production technology, 2015, pp. The targeted reservoirs in these nigerdelta fields are located within the nwse oriented pliocene to recent depocenter, in wave and tidal dominated delta. The delta was formed as a major continental embankment. A comparative model approach to pore pressure prediction. From the eocene to the present, the delta has prograded southwest ward, forming depobelts that represent the most active portion of the delta at each. Africa nigeria gulf of guinea niger delta niger delta basin oml egina field 0. This basin is very complex, and it carries high economic value as it contains a very. The niger delta is a vast lowlying region through which the waters of. Niger delta province, nigeria, cameroon, and equatorial guinea, africa. The cenozoic niger delta is situated at the intersection of the benue. Niger delta geographical region, africa britannica. At this time, deposition of paralic sediments began in the niger delta basin proper and, as the sediments prograded south, the coastline became progressively more convex seaward.

Potentials and threats find, read and cite all the research you need on. Today, delta sedimentation is still wavedominated and longshore drift cells divergent burke, 1972. The tertiary section of the niger delta is divided into three. Investigating the distribution and variation of reservoir property within a field is important for both field development plan and production optimisation. Pdf ecosystem of the niger delta region of nigeria. Predicting petroleum generation is a critical issue in prospect evaluation for the deeper prospects because of its economic implications. The study area is located within the northern depobelt of the niger delta sedimentary basin fig. The niger river, with a total length of about 4100 km, is the thirdlongest river in africa, after the nile and the congozaire rivers, and the longest and largest river in west africa.

Niger delta river basin development authority official website. According to 2,todays niger delta basin starts from idah and can be mapped in an area about halfway between enugu and onitsha which is somewhere around the oji river bridge. The basin and composed mainly of paralic siliclastics. The rdr basin is a passive margin basin present in the gulf of guinea and it is located southeast of niger delta over an area of about 7,000 km2 offshore. The niger delta basin development authority is a serviceoriented organization that is positioned to meet the water requirements of stakeholders in the most satisfactory and costefficient manner, while ensuring good quality and sanitation and paying adequate attention to the preservation of the ecosystem, using proven technology and a wellmotivated workforce. The topmost formation is the benin formation and is composed of coastal sandstones that are up to 2, 000 m thick in some regions. Virtual soil science learning resources 5,098 views. Stratigraphy and sedimentology of the niger delta 7 during the middlelate eocene, sediment was deposited fig. The niger river basin is an extraordinary asset for the nine countries that are within its watershed and for the broader west and central africa region. The niger delta, which stretches for nearly 150 miles 240 km from north to south and spreads along the coast for about 200 miles 320 km, extends over an area of 14,000 square miles 36,000 square km. During the following decades the temperature measurements in boreholes were an important element of the hydrocarbon prospecting.

While some facilitated access to relevant information and data, others provided. Niger delta province, nigeria, cameroon, and equatorial guinea, africa by michele l. Porosity, nettogross, water saturation and permeability information, derived from. The source of the niger river farthest away from the mouth is in the mountains of guinea near the border with sierra leone. The niger delta is the delta of the niger river sitting directly on the gulf of guinea on the atlantic ocean in nigeria. Nigeria produces high quality sweet crude, from the prolific tertiary, agbada formation. The nigerdelta forms one of the worlds major hydrocarbon provinces and it is situated on the gulf of guinea on the west coast of africa southern part of. The niger delta basin, also referred to as the niger delta province, is an extensional rift basin located in the niger delta and the gulf of guinea on the passive continental margin near the western coast of nigeria with suspected or proven access to cameroon, equatorial guinea and sao tome and principe. First oil discovery was in the okan field in december 1963. Niger delta sedimentary basin is a large arcuate delta of the destructive dominated wave type that has been explored for oil and gas and exploited since 1958. The benue trough had been formed as part of the widely distributed african rift population which originated some 140 million years ago burke, 1996. Structural and stratigraphic mapping of delta field. Static reservoir modeling using well log and 3d seismic.

The niger delta basin is situated in the gulf of guinea in equatorial west africa, between latitudes 30n and 60n and longitudes 50e and 80e reijers et al, 1996 fig. The delta has since paleocene times prograded a distance of more than 250 km from the benin and calabar flanks to the present delta front evamy et al. Here, the nsukka formation is overlain by the imo formation which is the basal unit of the niger delta sedimentary package. The weathering flanks of outcropping continental basement sourced the sediments through the benueniger drainage basin. The fundamental causative event for the origin of the niger delta basin was the breakup of the gondwana supercontinent. As a sedimentary basin, the niger delta en compasses a region that is much larger than the geographical extent of the modern delta constructed by the niger benue drainage systems. An estimate of oil window in nigeria niger delta basin. Model based on biostratigraphic data and core sedimentology, model based on core sedimentology and model based on regional seismic reflection profile and well log data. The stratigraphic sequence of the niger delta basin has been described by avbovbo, 1978 a nd short and s tauble, 1967.

It is typically considered to be located within nine coastal southern nigerian states, which include. Thermal maturity evaluation and prediction of petroleum generation. Well logs, biostratigraphic data, seismic data and semblance map which together form a multidisciplinary data approach, were utilized in the geological evaluation of hydrocarbon prospect fobfield, onshore coastal swamp depobelt in the niger delta basin. Regional setting of niger delta basin after emery et al. The niger delta petroleum system usgs publications repository. Lithologies of cretaceous rocks deposited in what is now the niger delta basin can only be extrapolated from the exposed cretaceous section in the next basin to the.

Map of the niger river basin, showing the four sub basins. Within the delta the river breaks up into an in nigeria. The niger river basin food and agriculture organization. Ndbda niger delta basin development authority nddb niger delta development board nddc niger delta development commission. The niger delta is the cenozoic gross offlap clastic succession built out on top of the anambra basin. The niger delta basin is located on the continental margin of the gulf of guinea in equatorial west africa and lies between latitudes 4 o oand 7 n and longitudes 3 o and 9 o e whiteman, 1982.

The current conflict in the niger delta first arose in the early 1990s over tensions between foreign oil corporations and a number of the niger deltas minority ethnic groups who feel they are being exploited, particularly the ogoni and the ijaw. The delta is compose d of three maj or structural formation s, namely. These formations become progressively younger farther into the basin, recording the longterm progradation of depositional environments of the niger delta onto. Sequence stratigraphy and depositional environments of. The first began with a marine incursion in the middle cretaceous and. The niger delta basin is one of the most prolific hydrocarbon provinces in the world, yet the origin of the vast amounts of oil and gas found in the numerous sub. Ethnic and political unrest continued throughout the 1990s despite the return to democracy clarification needed and the election of the obasanjo. During the cenozoic, until the middle miocene, the niger delta grew through pulses of sedimentation over an oceanwarddipping continental basement into the gulf of guinea. Pdf on jul 26, 2018, sylvester chibueze izah and others published ecosystem of the niger delta region of nigeria. The first began with a marine incursion in the middle cretaceous and was terminated by a mild folding phase in santonian time. Currently, 26 oil and gas fields are producing from the nigerdelta basin.

Study location, geologic setting and clay mineralogy representative wells of gbaran, santa barbara, kolo creek, elepa and korokoro fields respectively. The niger delta human development report benefited immensely from many individuals and institutions. The niger delta basin, also referred to as the niger delta province, is an extensional rift basin. Application of seismic stratigraphy and structural. Anambra basin in what became the north ern depobelt of the niger delta figs 1, 3. Stratigraphy and sedimentology of the niger delta in.

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